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If you’re looking to make your business eco-friendly and save some serious cash, look no further than Clean Energy Direct.

No matter the size of your business, Clean Energy Direct can provide you with a solution to slash your energy bills and take a step towards creating a more sustainable business model.


At Clean Energy Direct, there is no middle man between us and our customers. We sell directly to you, we install and we remain accountable for all aftercare. When you install with Clean Energy Direct, you’re getting a customer satisfaction guarantee.


When it comes to commercial solar installation – your business can only benefit from creating its own solar power. An investment in solar provides an important taxation benefit and offers a fantastic ROI. It is not uncommon for systems to be fully funded by energy savings within 2-3 years of operation and then offer huge ongoing savings.

Solar Panels on your business’ building lets others know that you are a progressive company looking to reduce your carbon footprint – that’s the kind of forward-thinking business that people want to support. Sustainability is the way of the future.


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